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Jan Dittberner f27f2bf801 Update to go 1.19
- update go tool in Jenkinsfile
- update go version in go.mod
- update
- update dependencies
10 months ago
Jan Dittberner e9af4bfd86 Improve documentation
cacert-boardvoting/pipeline/head This commit looks good Details
1 year ago
Jan Dittberner c3d0733e27 Replace gorilla/csrf with justinas/nosurf
- replace dependency for less indirect dependencies
- remove unused configuration options
2 years ago
Jan Dittberner d5d7525a31 Tighten http timeout settings 2 years ago
Jan Dittberner a1a66b7245 Finish new motion create implementation
- rename config block mail_server to mail_config
- rename smtp server settings
- move mail notification settings to mail_config
- improve navigation templates
- prepare routes for user management
2 years ago
Jan Dittberner a5c1a64a3c Update go and dependency versions 2 years ago
Jan Dittberner d7a742d97d Update UI framework
- add package.json for npm/npx
- update to fomantic-ui
- move ui files to ui directory
- add UI build documentation to
- add ui target to Makefile
- add addPrefix handler in boardvoting.go to allow the same /static/
  prefix for static resources
2 years ago
Jan Dittberner 7dbef080b1 Update README 2 years ago
Jan Dittberner c3adfd9e8b Add short section explaining the project ideas 3 years ago
Jan Dittberner 58898b29a7 Add new table user_roles
This commit adds a new database table user_roles to prepare for the
introduction of a voter management system. All existing enabled voters
are added to the VOTER role.
4 years ago
Jan Dittberner 6c9bf09f1a Add missing newline in README 5 years ago
Jan Dittberner 96089d49df Improve documentation
- fix parameter name in curl invocation
- add default port of Python aoismtpd
5 years ago
Jan Dittberner 56741a1089 Add documentation for how to setup and use the software 5 years ago