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Jan Dittberner 368bd8eefb Remove old code
- remove the old code and its dependencies
- perform some refactoring and fix notifications
- add TODO tags for observed shortcomings
- rename voters.go to users.go
- implement health check for SMTP connection
2 years ago
Jan Dittberner d7a742d97d Update UI framework
- add package.json for npm/npx
- update to fomantic-ui
- move ui files to ui directory
- add UI build documentation to
- add ui target to Makefile
- add addPrefix handler in boardvoting.go to allow the same /static/
  prefix for static resources
2 years ago
Jan Dittberner 806d706d4f Add goreleaser config 3 years ago
Jan Dittberner 32f271ca7a Remove old assets, improve Makefile 3 years ago
Jan Dittberner a69e017ead Update semantic UI to 2.4.2 5 years ago
Jan Dittberner 870e3ab1d2 Update .gitignore 5 years ago
Jan Dittberner 4dd5e09820 Embed database migrations
- switch from goose to
- move assets (static, templates, migrations) to boardvoting package
- add generated boardvoting/assets.go
- remove unused static files from static directory
- add package db with db migration configuration
6 years ago
Jan Dittberner bf511ae4db Add dep dependency management
This commit introduces dependency management using to make builds reproducible.
7 years ago
Jan Dittberner 4d23b6a48f Switch to more flexible go-logging
This commit switches from loggo to the more flexible go-logging
framework. Logs of severity INFO or higher are now written to a separate
boardvoting.log file.

Errors during execution of mail templates are now logged.

A reasoning for the vote result is now logged and put into the mail
notification when a decision is closed.
7 years ago
Jan Dittberner c6b1435875 Add goose database migrations 7 years ago
Jan Dittberner bcfbad42b6 Add version and build number output 7 years ago
Jan Dittberner 74987ce184 Initial Go code for reimplementation 7 years ago