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Jan Dittberner 20d324f5cb
cacert-boardvoting/pipeline/head This commit looks good Details
Fix linter error
- remove nextPotentialRun.Add that had no effect
7 months ago
app Fix permission issues for unauthenticated users 1 year ago
forms Fix golangci-lint warnings 1 year ago
handlers Import go-sqlite3 to fix test 1 year ago
jobs Fix linter error 7 months ago
mailtemplates Remove old code 2 years ago
migrations Implement user deletion 2 years ago
models Fix display of user 7 months ago
notifications Refactoring away from main package 1 year ago
validator Fix golangci-lint warnings 1 year ago
mailtemplates.go Fix golangci-lint warnings 2 years ago
migrations.go Remove unused Print method 2 years ago