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VERSION := $(shell git describe --always --dirty=-dev)
COMMIT := $(shell git show-ref --hash refs/heads/master)
DATE := $(shell date --iso-8601=seconds --utc)
GOFILES = $(shell find . -type f -name '*.go')
UIFILES = package.json package-lock.json semantic.json $(shell find ui/semantic -type f )
all: cacert-boardvoting
cacert-boardvoting: ${GOFILES}
go build -o $@ -buildmode=pie -trimpath -x -ldflags " -s -w -X 'main.version=${VERSION}' -X 'main.commit=${COMMIT}' -X '${DATE}'" ./cmd/boardvoting
#go build -o $@ -buildmode=pie -trimpath -x -ldflags " -s -w -X 'main.version=${VERSION}' -X 'main.commit=${COMMIT}' -X '${DATE}'"
rm -f cacert-boardvoting
ui: ${UIFILES}
npm install
cd node_modules/fomantic-ui ; npx gulp build
.PHONY: clean distclean all ui