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{{ define "motion_fragment" }}
<span class="ui {{ template "status_class" .Status }} ribbon label">{{ .Status|toString|title }}</span>
<span class="header.html">{{ .Modified|date "2006-01-02 15:04:05 UTC" }}</span>
<h3 class="header.html"><a href="/motions/{{ .Tag }}">{{ .Tag }}: {{ .Title }}</a></h3>
<p>{{ wrap 76 .Content | nl2br }}</p>
<table class="ui small definition table">
<td>{{.Due|date "2006-01-02 15:04:05 UTC"}}</td>
<td>{{.Proposer}} ({{.Proposed|date "2006-01-02 15:04:05 UTC"}})</td>
<td>Vote type:</td>
<td>{{ .VoteType|toString|title }}</td>
<div class="ui labels">
<div class="ui basic label green"><i
class="check circle icon"></i>Aye
<div class="detail">{{.Ayes}}</div>
<div class="ui basic label red"><i
class="minus circle icon"></i>Naye
<div class="detail">{{.Nayes}}</div>
<div class="ui basic label grey"><i class="circle icon"></i>Abstain
<div class="detail">{{.Abstains}}</div>
{{ if .Votes }}
<div class="list">
{{ range .Votes }}
<div class="item">{{ .Name }}: {{ .Vote.Vote }}</div>
{{ end }}
<a href="/motions/{{ .Tag }}">Hide Votes</a>
{{ else if or (ne 0 .Ayes) (ne 0 .Nayes) (ne 0 .Abstains) }}
<a href="/motions/{{ .Tag }}?showvotes=1">Show Votes</a>
{{ end }}
{{ end }}
{{ define "status_class" }}{{ if eq . 0 }}blue{{ else if eq . 1 }}green{{ else if eq . -1 }}red{{ else if eq . -2 }}grey{{ end }}{{ end }}
{{ define "motion_actions" }}
{{ if eq .Status 0 }}
<a class="ui compact right labeled green icon button" href="/vote/{{ .Tag }}/aye"><i
class="check circle icon"></i> Aye</a>
<a class="ui compact right labeled red icon button" href="/vote/{{ .Tag }}/naye"><i
class="minus circle icon"></i> Naye</a>
<a class="ui compact right labeled grey icon button" href="/vote/{{ .Tag }}/abstain"><i class="circle icon"></i>
<a class="ui compact left labeled icon button" href="/proxy/{{ .Tag }}"><i class="users icon"></i> Proxy
<a class="ui compact left labeled icon button" href="/motions/{{ .Tag }}/edit"><i class="edit icon"></i> Modify</a>
<a class="ui compact left labeled icon button" href="/motions/{{ .Tag }}/withdraw"><i class="trash icon"></i>
{{ end }}
{{ end }}