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@ -721,13 +721,13 @@ The standard of monitoring, alerting and reporting must be documented.
<h3> <a name="5.3">5.3.</a> Immediate Action </h3>
<h4> <a name="5.2.1">5.2.1.</a> Severity and Priority </h4>
<h4> <a name="5.3.1">5.3.1.</a> Severity and Priority </h4>
On discovery of an incident,
an initial assessment of severity and priority must be made.
<h4> <a name="5.2.2">5.2.2.</a> Communications </h4>
<h4> <a name="5.3.2">5.3.2.</a> Communications </h4>
An initial report should be circulated.
@ -737,7 +737,7 @@ A communications forum should be established for direct
support of high priority or high severity incidents.
<h4> <a name="5.2.3">5.2.3.</a> Escalation </h4>
<h4> <a name="5.3.3">5.3.3.</a> Escalation </h4>
A process of escalation should be established
for oversight and management purposes,