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@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ being an operator of services to the Community.
<h4 id="s0.1"> 0.1 Terms </h4>
<ol><li id="s0.1.1">
means CAcert Inc.,
a non-profit Association of Members incorporated in
@ -104,25 +104,25 @@ being an operator of services to the Community.
the Members defined here.
<ul class="q"><li>Does CAcert mean CAcert Inc. still?</li>
<li>CAcert seems more to mean the Community these days. Consider a change in definition?</li></ul>
</li><li id="s0.1.2">
means you, a registered participant within CAcert's Community,
with an account on the website and the
facility to request certificates.
Members may be individuals ("natural persons")
or organisations ("legal persons").
</li><li id="s0.1.3">
is defined under the Organisation Assurance programme,
and generally includes corporations and other entities
that become Members and become Assured.
</li><li id="s0.1.4">
means all of the Members
that are registered by this agreement
and other parties by other agreements,
all being under CAcert's Arbitration.
</li><li id="s0.1.5">
"Non-Related Person" ("NRP"),
being someone who is not a
Member, is not part of the Community,
@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ being an operator of services to the Community.
Such persons may make USE of certificates,
but may only RELY by entering this agreement or other related agreement.
</li><li id="s0.1.6">
<span class="strike">
"Non-Related Persons - Disclaimer and Licence" ("NRP-DaL"),
another agreement that is offered to persons outside the
@ -144,15 +144,15 @@ being an operator of services to the Community.
"<a href="//">Root Distribution Licence</a>" ("RDL"), an agreement for licensing the distribution of root <u class="change">certificates</u>.
RDL replaces an earlier withdrawn licence (NRP-DaL).
</li><li id="s0.1.7">
is the Community's forum for
resolving disputes, or jurisdiction.
</li><li id="s0.1.8">
"<a href="//">Dispute Resolution Policy</a>" ("DRP" => COD7)
is the policy and
rules for resolving disputes.
</li><li id="s0.1.9">
means the act <b>by your software</b>
to conduct its tasks, incorporating
@ -161,19 +161,19 @@ being an operator of services to the Community.
needed for correct operation
according to software procedures.
</li><li id="s0.1.10">
means <b>your human act</b> in taking on a
risk and liability on the basis of the claim(s)
bound within a certificate.
</li><li id="s0.1.11">
means <span class="strike">the</span> your act
of making available <span class="strike">your</span> certificate<span class="change">S</span> to another person.
Generally, you install and configure your software
to act as your agent and <span class="change">facilitate OFFERING</span> <span class="strike">facilite this</span> and other tasks.
OFFER does not imply suggestion of <span class="strike">reliance</span> <span class="change">RELIANCE</span>.
</li><li id="s0.1.12">
means creation of a certificate by CAcert.
To create a certificate,
@ -181,28 +181,30 @@ being an operator of services to the Community.
onto a public key and other information.
This act would generally bind a statement or claim,
such as your name, to your key.
</li><li id="s0.1.13">
means CAcert's top level key,
used for signing certificates for Members.
In this document, the term includes any subroots.
</li><li id="s0.1.14">
"<a href="//">CAcert Official Document</a>" ("COD" <span class="strike"> => COD3 </span>)
<span class="strike">in</span> <span class="change">is</span> a standard format for describing the details of
operation and governance essential to a certificate authority.
Changes are managed and controlled.
CODs define more technical terms.
See 4.2 for listing of relevant CODs.
</li><li id="s0.1.15">
"<a href="//">Certification Practice Statement</a>" ("CPS" => COD6)
is the document that controls details
about operational matters within CAcert.
</li><li class="change">
</li><li id="s0.1.16">
<span class="change">
"Certificate" means any public key or like device to which
the digital signature from CAcert's root has been affixed.
Where applicable, the term includes certificate chain,
being an issued certificate and any roots needed for
correct operation.
@ -216,17 +218,17 @@ in this agreement.
Your agreement is given by any of
<ul><li id="s1.1.b1">
your signature on a form to request assurance of identity
("CAP" form),
</li><li id="s1.1.b2">
your request on the website
to join the Community and create an account,
</li><li id="s1.1.b3">
your request for Organisation Assurance,
</li><li id="s1.1.b4">
your request for issuing of certificates, or
</li><li id="s1.1.b5">
if you USE, RELY, or OFFER
any certificate issued to you.
@ -246,19 +248,19 @@ This Agreement replaces and supercedes prior agreements.
As part of the Community, CAcert offers you these rights:
<ol><li id="s1.2.1">
You may USE any certificates issued by CAcert.
</li><li id="s1.2.2">
You may RELY on any certificate issued by CAcert,
as explained and limited by CPS (COD6).
</li><li id="s1.2.3">
You may OFFER certificates issued to you by CAcert
to Members for their RELIANCE.
</li><li id="s1.2.4">
You may OFFER certificates issued to you by CAcert
to NRPs for their USE, within the general principles
of the Community.
</li><li id="s1.2.5">
This Licence is free of cost,
non-exclusive, and non-transferrable.
@ -287,10 +289,10 @@ ideas and contributions outside the Community.
Note that the following exceptions override this clause:
<ol><li id="s1.3.1">
Contributions to controlled documents are subject to
Policy on Policy ("PoP" => COD1).
</li><li id="s1.3.2">
Source code is subject to an open source licence regime.
@ -319,30 +321,30 @@ and obligations within this agreement.
<h4 id="s2.1"> 2.1 Risks </h4>
<ol><li id="s2.1.1">
A certificate may prove unreliable.
</li><li id="s2.1.2">
Your account, keys or other security tools may be
lost or otherwise compromised.
</li><li id="s2.1.3">
You may find yourself subject to Arbitration
(DRP => COD7).
<h4 id="s2.2"> 2.2 Liabilities </h4>
<ol><li id="s2.2.1">
You are liable for any penalties
as awarded against you by the Arbitrator.
</li><li id="s2.2.2">
Remedies are as defined in the DRP (COD7).
An Arbitrator's ruling may
include monetary amounts, awarded against you.
</li><li id="s2.2.3">
Your liability is limited to
a total maximum of
<b>1000 Euros</b>.
</li><li id="s2.2.4">
"Foreign Courts" may assert jurisdiction.
These include your local courts, and are outside our Arbitration.
Foreign Courts will generally refer to the Arbitration
@ -357,14 +359,14 @@ and obligations within this agreement.
You are obliged
<ol><li id="s2.3.1">
to provide accurate information
as part of Assurance.
You give permission for verification of the information
using CAcert-approved methods.
</li><li id="s2.3.2">
to make no false representations.
</li><li id="s2.3.3">
to submit all your disputes to Arbitration
(DRP => COD7).
@ -388,21 +390,21 @@ You are primarily responsible for your own security.
Your security obligations include
<ol><li id="s2.5.1">
to secure yourself and your computing platform (e.g., PC),
</li><li id="s2.5.2">
to keep your email account in good working order,
</li><li id="s2.5.3">
to secure your CAcert account
(e.g., credentials such as username, password),
</li><li id="s2.5.4">
to secure your private keys,
</li><li id="s2.5.5">
to review certificates for accuracy,
</li><li id="s2.5.6">
when in doubt, notify CAcert,
</li><li id="s2.5.7">
when in doubt, take other reasonable actions, such as
revoking certificates,
changing account credentials,
@ -563,20 +565,20 @@ You are also bound by
of which the principle ones effecting Members are:</span>
<ol><li id="s4.2.1">
<a href="//">
Certification Practice Statement</a> (CPS => COD6).
</li><li id="s4.2.2">
<a href="//">
Dispute Resolution Policy</a> (DRP => COD7).
</li><li id="s4.2.3">
<a href="">
Privacy Policy</a> (PP => COD5).
</li><li id="s4.2.4">
<span class="change"> ADDED
<a href="//">
Assurance Policy</a> (DRP => COD7).
</li><li id="s4.2.5">
<a href="">
Principles of the Community</a>.