Some minor changes to bring it into line with later decisions:

COD number is now 3.
Name should have Policy at end.

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<html><head><title>COD 1 : Policy on Documents</title>
<head><title>COD3 : CAcert Official Documents Policy</title>
<meta name="author" content="Sebastian Kueppers">
<meta name="date" content="2007-04-07T00:01:18+0200">
<meta name="date" content="2008-02-25">
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<h1>Policy on Documents</h1>
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<center><big><b>W o r k -- i n -- P r o g r e s s</b></big></center>
<h1>CAcert Official Documents Policy</h1>
<h2>Table of Contents</h2>
0. General<br>
0.1. Document Information<br>
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<h2>0. General</h2>
<h3>0.1. Document Information</h3>
Document-ID: COD 1-V1-DRAFT<br>
Status: Draft<br>
Document-ID: COD3<br>
Status: wip V0.2<br>
(C): 2007 Sebastian Kueppers
<h3>0.2. References</h3>
@ -53,7 +55,7 @@ This document provides information for authors of CAcert Official Documents (COD
be supervised and versionized for legal (e.g. policies) or handy (e.g.
the document how to organize events) reasons.<br>
Policies and other documents that are covered by the Configuration
Control Specification (-&gt; COD 2) contain a corresponding note in
Control Specification (-&gt; COD2) contain a corresponding note in
their "general" section (see below).<br>
It summarizes COD editorial policies and formatting requirements,
answers frequently asked questions, and serves as a model for
@ -177,7 +179,7 @@ of references. If a table of contents is available this section is
usually lablled as section "0".<br>
If a COD is a policy of CAcert Inc and/or controlled by the
"Configuration Control SpecificationConfiguration Control
Specification" (-&gt; COD 2) this fact is stated in this section, too.
Specification" (-&gt; COD2) this fact is stated in this section, too.
<h3>3.4. Body section</h3>
The general section is followed by the document body.<br>Each
COD should have an introduction that explains the motivation for the
@ -203,6 +205,6 @@ to the document any more.
Author: Sebastian Kueppers,<br>
&lt;-- END OF COD 1 --&gt;
&lt;-- END OF COD3 --&gt;