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<a href="//">
on the CAcert website </a>.<br />
This document is a <b>work-in-progress</b> to include future revisions only,<br />
and is currently <b>only relevant for the [policy] group</b>.<br />
This document is for the purposes of policy group
preparing <b>work-in-progress</b> and <b>DRAFT</b> future revisions.<br />
It is primarily <b>relevant for the [policy] group</b>.<br />
Any approved DRAFT changes in here should not be relied upon,
and will need to be confirmed within a relevant Arbitration.<br />
Colour code:<ul>
<li> <span class="change">Additions in BLUE</span> <span class="strike">strikes in BLUE</span> are suggestions for future voting in PG.</li>
<li> <span class="change2">minor and routine tweaks are in steelblue</span>.</li>
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<a href=""><img style="float: right; border-width: 0" src="" alt="Valid XHTML 1.1" height="31" width="88" /></a>
<li>Iang: 20121112,
Reviewed changes CAcert to CAcert Inc and to Community.
These are shown in <span class="change">BLUE</span>.
Added a few more.
<li>Iang: 20110129 <a href="//">p20110108</a> approved,
<ul><li>incorporated new text as <span class="draftadd">darkblue</span> and dropped text as <span class="draftdrop">lightblue</span>,
<li> use of colours to meet PoP 5.3,</li>
<li> fixed some other references to Board as Appeal. Proposed to incorporate these without further discussion.</li>
<li> Reviewed and changed the term CAcert to CAcert Inc. where clear. Proposed to incorporate these without further discussion.</li>
<li>Iang: 20110117 Changed 3.4 title to match the intent of the paras more closely, in <span class="change">BLUE</span>.</li>
<li>Iang: 20110112 Tuned text in <a href="#3.3">3.3</a> to reflect ultimate final &amp; binding status in 3.4. Also swapped order of terms to more customary form. Shown in <span class="change">BLUE</span>.</li>
<li>Iang: 20110107 <b>Added proposed text in <a href="#3.4">3.4</a> to switch the Appeal from the Board to a Panel within Arbitration.</b> Shown in <span class="change">BLUE</span>. This change is substantive. </li>
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<h2 id="s0"> 0. Introduction</h2>
This is the Dispute Resolution Policy for CAcert.
This is the Dispute Resolution Policy for
<span class="change2">the</span>
<span class="change">Community, consisting of CAcert Inc and Members who agree to the CCA</span>.
Disputes arising out of
operations by CAcert and interactions between
operations by CAcert
<span class="change">Inc</span>
and interactions between
<span class="change2">
@ -649,7 +663,7 @@ All liability of the Arbitrator for any act in
connection with deciding a dispute is excluded
by all parties, provided such act does not constitute
an intentional breach of duty.
All liability of the Arbitrators, CAcert, its officers and its
All liability of the Arbitrators, CAcert <span class="change">Inc.</span>, its officers and its
employees (including Case Manager)
for any other act or omission in connection with
arbitration proceedings is excluded, provided such acts do not
@ -669,7 +683,8 @@ referral to the Board).
The Arbitrator generally instructs using internal remedies,
that is ones that are within the general domain of CAcert,
that is ones that are within the general domain of
<span class="draftdrop">CAcert</span> <span class="change">the Community</span>,
but there are some external remedies at his disposal.
He may rule and instruct any of the parties on these issues.