Implemented the OID and removed unneeded information about the license

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@ -229,9 +229,8 @@ for each class of certificate.
and Mozilla Foundation's CA policy.
OID assigned to this document: (x=approved Version)
(<a href=""></a>)
<p class="q"> .x will change to .1 in the first approved instance.</p>
OID assigned to this document:
(<a href=""></a>, <a href="">CAcert OID Allocation</a>)
&copy; CAcert Inc.
@ -241,10 +240,6 @@ for each class of certificate.
Licensed under the CAcert document licence.
See <a href="">
<ul class="q">
<li> The cited page discusses 2 options: CCau Attribute-Share-alike and GNU Free Document License. Refer to that. </li>
<li> Note that the noun Licence in Australian English has two Cs. The verb License is spelt the same way as American English. </li>
Earlier notes were written by Christian Barmala