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<h1> Policy On Junior Assurers / Members </h1>
<a href="PolicyOnPolicy.html"><img align="right" src="Images/cacert-wip.png" alt="CAcert Policy Status" height="31" width="88" style="border-style: none;" /></a>
<table width="100%">
Editor: Iang<br />
Creation Date : <a href="">20091215</a><br />
Status: WIP 20100112<br />
Source: <a href="">PoJAM2</a><br />
Status: DRAFT <a href="">p20100119</a><br />
</td><td align="right">
<a href="PolicyOnPolicy.html"><img src="Images/cacert-draft.png" alt="CAcert Policy Status - DRAFT" height="31" width="88" style="border-style: none;" /></a>
<h2> <a name="0"> 0. </a> Preliminaries </h2>
<h2 name="0"> 0. Preliminaries </h2>
<a name="0.1"> 0.1 </a> <b> Authority</b>.
This sub-policy extends the
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<h2> <a name="3"> 3. </a> System Block </h2>
<h2 name="3"> 3. System Block </h2>
<b> <a name="3.1"> 3.1 </a></b>
Although there is no age limit in this policy, it is reasonable that the Assurer should check this issue closely below 18.
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If the member is under 18 years of age,<br>
<s>an additional button must be clicked during an Assurance,<br>
confirming that consent is established,</s><br>
<span class="change">the system shall require the Assurer to confirm<br>
that consent was established during the Assurance,</span><br>
the system shall require the Assurer to confirm<br>
that consent was established during the Assurance,<br>
or otherwise as considered by the Assurer,<br>
before additional higher reliance products are available.
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The system therefore will block all "reliance" products
as defined by policy
(issuance of named certificates under CPS, Assurer under AP),
<s>until the "minor consent established" button is clicked by the appropriate number of Assurers.</s>
<span class="change"> until consent is established as appropriate.</span>
until consent is established as appropriate.
The absence of this feature does not remove the duty of the Assurer (for example, because of delays in implementation).