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<body lang="en-GB">
<h1>Security Policy for CAcert Systems</h1>
<p><a href="PolicyOnPolicy.html"><img src="Images/cacert-wip.png" alt="CAcert Security Policy Status == wip" border="0"></a>
<p><a href="PolicyOnPolicy.html"><img src="Images/cacert-draft.png" alt="CAcert Security Policy Status == wip" border="0"></a>
Creation date: 20090216<br>
Status: <i>work-in-progress</i>, to DRAFT 20090327
Status: <b>DRAFT 20090327</b>
<h2><a name="1">1.</a> INTRODUCTION</h2>
@ -456,11 +456,9 @@ until approved by the Software Assessment Team.
Requests to systems administration for ad hoc queries
over the database for business or similar purposes
must be approved by the Arbitrator.
<h3><a name="3.4"> 3.4.</a> Access control </h3>
@ -528,10 +526,7 @@ authorisations on the below access control lists
All changes
of personnel
All changes of personnel
to the above lists are approved by the Board of CAcert.
@ -612,8 +607,7 @@ and reported in regular summaries to the Board of CAcert.
<h4> <a name="4.2.1">4.2.1.</a> Coverage </h4>
All sensitive events should be logged
<B> reliably </B>.
All sensitive events should be logged reliably.
Logs should be deleted after an appropriate amount of time
as documented in the Security Manual.
@ -1187,7 +1181,6 @@ especially of new team members.
<h4> <a name="9.2.1"> 9.2.1. </a> Root Key generation</h4>
Root keys are generated only on instruction from the Board.
They must be generated to a fully documented and reviewed procedure.
@ -1203,7 +1196,6 @@ The procedure must include:
<li> Documentation of each step as it happens against the procedure. </li>
<li> Confirmation by each participant over the process and the results. </li>
<h4> <a name="9.2.2"> 9.2.2. </a> Backup and escrow</h4>
@ -1303,20 +1295,16 @@ of open disclosure wherever possible.
See <a href="">
This is not a statement of politics but a statement of security;
if a security issue can only be sustained
under some confidentiality or secrecy, then find another way.
In concrete terms,
confidentiality or secrecy may be maintained only
under a defined method in policy,
or under the oversight of the Arbitrator
(which itself is under DRP).
The exception itself must not be secret or confidential.
All secrets and confidentials are reviewable under Arbitration,
and may be reversed.