from m20100327.2, this policy is vetoed and reverts to WIP.

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<title>Security Policy - DRAFT</title>
<title>Security Policy - work-in-progress</title>
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<ul class="change">
<li> 20100404: status changes to WIP<br>
<span class="q"> Security Policy is no longer binding, as of 20100404</span><br />
<li> 20901213: addition of WIP changes<br />
<li> 20090327: status change to DRAFT <a href="">p20090327</a>.<br />
WIP Changes are all marked in <span class="change">BLUE</span> or <s>struck-out</s>.</span>
Explanatory comments in <span class="q">GREEN</span> are not part of text.<br>
<p class="q"> Start of Policy</p>
<h1>Security Policy for CAcert Systems</h1>
<!-- Absolute URL because the policies are located absolutely. -->
<a href=""><img align="right" src="Images/cacert-draft.png" alt="CAcert Security Policy Status == DRAFT" border="0"></a><p>
<a href=""><img align="right" src="Images/cacert-wip.png" alt="CAcert Security Policy Status == WIP" border="0"></a><p>
Creation date: 20090216<br>
Status: <b>DRAFT <a href="">p20090327</a></b><br><br>
<span class="change">
Changes: WIP 20091213<br>
work-in-progress additions are in BLUE</b>
(unvoted / nonbinding)<br>
work-in-progress deletions are </span> <s>struck-out in black</s>
<span class="change">but still DRAFT/binding</span> <br>
<span class="q">some random comments in GREEN added</span> <br>
Status: <b>WIP <a href="">m20100327.2</a></b> as of 20100404 00:00:02 UTC<br><br>
<h2><a name="1">1.</a> INTRODUCTION</h2>