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<br><b>WARNING:</b><br />
<br /><b>WARNING:</b><br />
The proper policy document is located<br />
<a href="//">
on the CAcert website </a>.<br />
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<h2> 0. Preliminaries </h2>
<h2 id="s0"> 0. Preliminaries </h2>
Policy on Policy adopts the IETF model of
'rough consensus' to create CAcert documents
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<h2> 1. Scope and Purpose </h2>
<h2 id="s1"> 1. Scope and Purpose </h2>
<p id="s1.1">
This policy documents and controls the process by which
CAcert creates and promulgates policies.
<p id="s1.2">
The policy covers itself.
The policy replaces prior ones.
@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ the policy is part of the Configuration-Control Specification
and also documents part of the CCS.
<p id="s1.3">
The policies so created are generally binding on
<span class="strike">CAcert, registered users and related parties</span>
@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ The policies so created are generally binding on
(CCA => COD9) and other related parties under other agreements</span>.
<p id="s1.4">
The Policy Officer manages all policies
and the policy group.
@ -128,27 +128,27 @@ known as [<span class="change">cacert-</span>policy], and is to be open to all
Community Members of CAcert.
<h2> 2. Basic Model </h2>
<h2 id="s2"> 2. Basic Model </h2>
<p id="s2.1">
The basic concept was drawn from the IETF model.
<p id="s2.2">
Policies are documented.
Documents start as <i>Work-In-Progress</i>, move through to
<i>DRAFT</i> and finalise in <i>POLICY</i> status.
<p id="s2.3">
Decisions are taken by "Rough Consensus."
A vote may be called to clarify.
<p id="s2.4">
Documents should include a minimum of information
in a standardised format managed by the Documentation Officer:
@ -169,21 +169,21 @@ must not be confusable with documents of higher status
Copies should be eliminated where not being worked on.
<h2> 3. Work-In-Progress </h2>
<h2 id="s3"> 3. Work-In-Progress </h2>
<p id="s3.1">
An Editor is identified.
This person is responsible for
drafting the document, following the consensus of the policy group.
<p id="s3.2">
The Policy Officer resolves minor disputes and keeps order.
<p id="s3.3">
The mail list of the policy group
is used as the primary debating
@ -192,27 +192,27 @@ but decision-taking
should be visible on the main group.
<p id="s3.4">
Documents start with the status of
"Work-In-Progress" or WIP for short.
<h2> 4. DRAFT status </h2>
<h2 id="s4"> 4. DRAFT status </h2>
<p id="s4.1">
On completion, a document moves to DRAFT status.
<p id="s4.2">
A DRAFT is a policy-in-effect for the Community and is
to be distributed and treated as such.
<p id="s4.3">
As far as the Community is concerned, the DRAFT is policy.
Challenges and concerns can be addressed to the policy group,
@ -220,19 +220,19 @@ and policy group discussions on a DRAFT
may be presented in Dispute Resolution.
<p id="s4.4">
Revisions of DRAFTs
must be treated as decisions on the policy group.
<p id="s4.5">
The period of the DRAFT status is announced widely,
which should be at least a month and no longer than a year.
<p id="s4.6">
During the period of DRAFT,
CAcert Inc. retains a veto over
@ -240,8 +240,8 @@ policies that effect the running of CAcert Inc.
<h2> 5. POLICY status </h2>
<h2 id="s5"> 5. POLICY status </h2>
<p id="s5.1">
After DRAFT period has elapsed with no revision beyond
minor and editorial changes,
@ -250,13 +250,13 @@ to move the document from
DRAFT to POLICY status.
<p id="s5.2">
Once POLICY, the Community may only challenge the document
in Dispute Resolution.
<p id="s5.3">
Policy group may propose changes to a POLICY document
in order to update it. When changes move to DRAFT status,
@ -273,9 +273,9 @@ under the same change control as critical source code under
SP => COD8.
<h2> 6. Open Process </h2>
<h2 id="s6"> 6. Open Process </h2>
<p id="s6.1">
All policy discussions and documents should be open
processes. There should be a fair chance for
@ -284,7 +284,7 @@ to have their views heard.
Rough Consensus is the working metric.
<p id="s6.2">
Contributions to
formally controlled documents such as Policies
@ -302,12 +302,12 @@ contributions back to the community
under an open licence.
<p id="s6.3">
Contributors declare any conflicts of interest.
<p id="s6.4">
Policies should be issued under free, open,
@ -315,36 +315,36 @@ irrevocable, non-exclusive,
and clear licence by CAcert, Inc.
<p id="s6.5">
Mailing lists should be archived,
and important meetings should be minuted.
<span class="change">Policy Officer is to maintain a record of decisions.</span>
<h2> 7. Disputes. </h2>
<h2 id="s7"> 7. Disputes. </h2>
<p id="s7.1">
Any questions not resolved by these rules
may be voted on in the policy group, or
may be dealt with in Dispute Resolution.
<p id="s7.2">
The Policy Officer may decide a tight vote in a minor matter only.
Failure of Rough Consensus may be declared by
dissenting members.
<p id="s7.3">
Matters unresolved refer back
to further group discussion.
<p id="s7.4">
The external avenue for disputes is to file a dispute
according to CAcert's