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The essential purpose of the information is to permit the Organisation Assurer and others to clearly and accurately identify the Organisation as actively registered within the Approved Registry, as well as its Representatives.
5. Roles and Responsibilities
5.1 Organisation Assurance Officer
The Organisation Assurance Officer is to maintain an accessible file or frequently asked questions (FAQ) for each Registry showing:
<li>The <i>type</i> or form of each entity that is registerable;
<li>The <i>location</i> and conditions of access to the Registry's search facility;
<li>The Extract <i>form</i> or manner;
<li>The unique registration <i>Identifier</i> or number <i>form</i> or manner, as allocated to each registered organisation;
<li>A <i>list of Organisation Assurers</i> currently authorised to conduct organisation assurances against the Registry;
<li>The nature or <i>regime of any supplemental / historical documents</i> that may be acceptable;
<li>The form of <i>due diligence for verifying signatories</i> that are not identified in the Extract;
<i>Any restrictions applicable</i> to the Registry, as decided by Policy Group, the Arbitrator, or as advised by the Organisation Assurer.
The Organisation Assurance Officer is also to maintain training and testing material applicable. Elements of the challenge may be confidential, but only for the purposes of maintaining the efficacy of the challenge.
Appendix I