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<h1> TTP-Assisted Assurance Policy </h1>
<a href="PolicyOnPolicy.html"><img align="right" src="images/cacert-wip.png" alt="CAcert Policy Status" height="31" width="88" style="border-style: none;" /></a>
<a href="PolicyOnPolicy.html"><img align="right" src="images/cacert-draft.png" alt="CAcert Policy Status - DRAFT" height="31" width="88" style="border-style: none;" /></a>
Editor: Iang<br />
Creation Date : <a href="//">20091215</a><br />
Status: WIP 2010916 <i>under vote <a href="//">p20100913</a></i><br />
Status: <b>DRAFT</b> <a href="//">p20100913</a><br />
Licence: <a href="//" title="this document is Copyright &copy; CAcert Inc., licensed openly under CC-by-sa with all disputes resolved under DRP. More at" > CC-by-sa+DRP </a><br />
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by specifying how Assurers can be assisted by
outsourcing the identity documents verification
component of assurance to trusted third parties (TTPs).
<span class="change">Other</span>
definitions and terms can be found in AP or in
Other definitions and terms can be found in AP or in
<a href="//">Assurance Handbook</a>
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<h3 id="s2.2"> 2.2 The Assurer (aka TTP-admin) </h3>
<p class="q">uli: (Synonyms: TTP-Assurer, TTP-Admin)</p>
To employ a TTP in an assurance,
the Assurer must be a <a href="//">Senior Assurer</a>.
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<p class="q"> See Appendix A for example text for Handbook text.</p>
<h2 id="s4"> 4. Assurance Officer ("AO") </h2>
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Form for TTP-assisted assurance (used by Assurer)
Guide and protocol
<span class="q"> (Appendix A below)</span>
for Assurers.
Guide and protocol for Assurers.
Mechanisms for contacting Assurers available for
TTP-assisted assurances.
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Officer may document and implement minor variations to this policy.
<h2 id="s5"> 5. Topup Assurance <span class="strike">Points</span> </h2>
<h2 id="s5"> 5. Topup Assurance </h2>
AO is to operate a <cite>Topup Assurance Programme</cite>
to help seed deserts with Assurers.
<span class="change">
A topup assurance will add additional Assurance Points
to those gained from two previously conducted TTP-assisted assurances,
in order for a Member to reach 100 Assurance Points
for the express purpose of becoming an Assurer.
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purpose of enabling the Member to reach Assurer level.
Topup Assurer must be a Senior Assurer,
<span class="change">
and must be independent of the TTP-assist Assurers.
<span class="change">
The Topup Assurer reviews the two TTP-assisted assurances,
and conducts other checks as set by the Assurance Officer.
The normal face-to-face meeting is not conducted.
<span class="strike">
The two TTP-Assisted Assurances already conducted are to be reviewed.
Topup Assurer may award up to 35 points.