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@ -29,6 +29,7 @@ Status: <i>work-in-progress</i>
This Security Manual sets out required procedures
for the secure operation of the CAcert critical computer systems.
These systems include:
Physical hardware mounting the logical services
@ -40,10 +41,10 @@ These systems include:
Source code (changes and patches)
<h4><a name="1.1.1">1.1.1.</a> Effected Personnel </h4>
These roles and teams are effected:
@ -104,15 +105,18 @@ deriving from the above principles.
<h3><a name="1.3">1.3.</a> Definition of Terms</h3>
<dt><i>Systems Administrator</i> </dt>
A Member who manages a critial system, and has access
to security-sensitive functions or data.
<h3><a name="1.4">1.4.</a> Version control</h3>
<h4><a name="1.4.1">1.4.1.</a> The Security Policy Document </h3>
<h4><a name="1.4.1">1.4.1.</a> The Security Policy Document </h4>
This Security Policy is part of the configuration-control specification
for audit purposes (DRC).
@ -123,7 +127,7 @@ It is under the control of Policy on Policy for version purposes.
This policy document says what is done, rather than how to do it.
<h4><a name="1.4.2">1.4.2.</a> The Security Manual (Practices) Document </h3>
<h4><a name="1.4.2">1.4.2.</a> The Security Manual (Practices) Document </h4>
This Policy explicitly defers detailed security practices to the
@ -136,7 +140,7 @@ the SM is under the direct control of the Systems Administration team.
It is located and version-controlled on the CAcert wiki.
<h4><a name="1.4.3">1.4.3.</a> The Security Procedures </h3>
<h4><a name="1.4.3">1.4.3.</a> The Security Procedures </h4>
The Systems Administration team may from time to time
@ -155,4 +159,3 @@ Each procedure must be referenced explicitly in the Security Manual.
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