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<h3> -1. TO BE FIXED </h3>
<p class="q"> <big> w o r k -- i n -- p r o g r e s s</big> </p>
<a href="http://www.cacert.org/policy/PolicyOnPolicy.php"><img style="float: right; border-width: 0" src="../images/cacert-wip.png" alt="CAcert 3rd Party - Disclaimer and Licence - Status == wip" border="0"></a>
<p class="q">
This is wip-V0.06 as of 20100623.
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By policy group decision <a href="//wiki.cacert.org/PolicyDecisions#p20100710">p20100710</a>:<br /><br />
<i><b>"Finally, that other proposals (CC-BY-ND and 3pv-DaL) be taken off the table. Policy group contributors and editors are thanked for thought-provoking comments and useful debate."</b></i><br /><br />
This document is <b><big>dead</big></b>. <br />
It is no longer under consideration by policy group, being overtaken by
<a href="//www.cacert.org/policy/RootDistributionLicense.php">the RDL</a>."</b></i><br /><br />
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Added FAQ section on <a href="#sZ.4">Persons, Parties, Numbers</a>, following confusion from STS 20100620
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<p class="q"> <big> D E A D </big> </p>
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Policy starts: