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If you would like to dive deeper into Git you can read the free [Pro Git
book]( on the Git website.
## Markdown
New documents should be written in Markdown syntax. Markdowns goal is to
provide a human readable and writable syntax that can easily be transformed to
representations in several output formats.
We use the [CommonMark]( variant of Markdown with the
[table extension]( CommonMark
is well supported in Markdown libraries and conversion tools. The system can render CommonMark Markdown documents to HTML
allowing for easily accessible previews.
### Recommended tooling
To preview Markdown in several formats (HTML, PDF, Office documents) you can
use [Pandoc]( which is packaged for multiple Linux
distributions and has installers for Windows and MacOS.
As Markdown is a plain text format you may use any text editor like Vim,
notepad++ and a lot of alternatives.
If you prefer a live preview and some more assistance you may use a more
heavyweight tool like Visual Studio Code or any of the JetBrains IDEs like