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Assurance assisted by TTP must meet these requirements:
<ol type="a"><li>
<ol style="list-style-type: lower-alpha;"><li id="s3.a">
The Assurer must positively confirm the identity and
suitability of the TTP.
</li><li id="s3.b">
The TTP and the Member must meet face-to-face.
</li><li id="s3.c">
The TTP confirms the details supporting the Assurance Statement.
</li><li id="s3.d">
The Assurer makes a reliable statement to confirm the
Assurance Statement.
</li><li id="s3.e">
Assurance must be marked as TTP-Assisted
(e.g., by use of TTPAdmin flag).
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according to the following requirements:
<ol><li id="s5.1">
Assurer Challenge must be completed as passed by Member.
</li><li id="s5.2">
The topup must be requested by Member for
purpose of enabling the Member to reach Assurer level.
</li><li id="s5.3">
Topup Assurer must be a Senior Assurer,
and must be independent of the TTP-assist Assurers.
</li><li id="s5.4">
The Topup Assurer reviews the two TTP-assisted assurances,
and conducts other checks as set by the Assurance Officer.
The normal face-to-face meeting is not conducted.
</li><li id="s5.5">
Topup Assurer may award up to 35 points.
</li><li id="s5.6">
Assurance must be marked as Topup
(e.g., by use of new feature with TTPAdmin flag).