adding note and reference to update section CPS 9.16.1 with reference to PoP section 5.4

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Ulrich Schroeter 11 years ago
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@ -3991,9 +3991,12 @@ Although detailed practices may
be found in other places on the website
and on the wiki, the CCS documents that
have reached DRAFT and POLICY status are
the ruling documents.
the ruling documents.<br />
<br />
<span class="q">2nd half of this section can be transfered over to PoP, only a reference to PoP 5.4 to remain (depends on <a href="">p20130223</a>)<br /></span>
<h4><a name="p9.16.2" id="p9.16.2">9.16.2. Assignment</a></h4>