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<!-- Absolute URL because the policies are located absolutely. -->
<a href=""><img align="right" src="Images/cacert-wip.png" alt="Configuration-Control Specification Status == work-in-progress" border="0"></a><p>
Creation date: 20091214<br>
Status: 20100127 <i>WIP </i><br><br>
Editor: Iang<br>
Status: 20100227 <i>WIP </i><br><br>
@ -158,7 +159,7 @@ Critical software is defined by Security Policy.
<h4> <a name="4.3">4.3</a> <a name="soft_control"> Control </a> </h4>
CAcert owns or requires full control over its code
CAcert owns its code, or requires control over open source code in use
by means of an approved free and open licence.
Such code must be identified and managed by Software Assessment.