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@ -248,8 +248,11 @@ prepared in advance.
<h4><a name="2.2.2">2.2.2.</a> Cables </h4>
<p class="error">
Drop 2.2.2.
<p class="q">
Cabling to all equipment shall be labeled at both ends
with identification of end points.
@ -292,9 +295,10 @@ The following steps are to be taken:
The media is to be securely erased, <b>and</b>
The media is securely destroyed, <b>or</b>
The media is securely destroyed.
the media is to be securely erased,
and stored securely.
@ -561,6 +565,16 @@ Passwords must be kept secure.
The procedure for changing passwords should be documented.
<h5> <a name=""></a> Outsourcing </h5>
Systems administration team leader may outsource non-critical
components such as DNS servers.
Outsourcing should be to Members who are Assurers,
who have the appropriate technical knowledge,
and are in good contact with team leader.
<h4> <a name="4.1.2">4.1.2.</a> Required staff response time </h4>
Response times should be documented.
@ -576,6 +590,12 @@ All changes made to system configuration must be recorded.
<h4> <a name="4.2.1">4.2.1.</a> Coverage </h4>
All sensitive events should be logged.
Logs should be deleted after an appropriate amount of time.
<p class="q">
'''Move to SM:'''
Logs shall be maintained for:
@ -583,7 +603,7 @@ Logs shall be maintained for:
<li> anomalous network traffic, </li>
<li> system activities and events, </li>
<li> application (certificate, web, mail, and database) events, </li>
<li> "Comms Module" requests for certificate signing on both the cryptographic module (signing server) and the main online server, </li>
<li> '''make generic''': "Comms Module" requests for certificate signing on both the cryptographic module (signing server) and the main online server, </li>
<li> login and root access, </li>
<li> configuration changes. </li>
@ -784,6 +804,10 @@ contact information needed.
<h2><a name="7">7.</a> SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT</h2>
<p class="q">
Change name of this to Software Assessment.
Software development team is responsible
for the security of the code.
@ -860,7 +884,9 @@ any Member that requests it.
Once signed off, software development (team leader)
coordinates with systems administration (team leader)
to offer the patch.
to offer the upgrade.
Upgrade format is to be negotiated,
but systems administration naturally has the last word.
Software development people are not to have access
to the critical systems, providing a dual control
at the teams level.
@ -877,7 +903,7 @@ system administrators.
Systems administrators copy the patches securely
from the repository onto the critical machine.
from the software development onto the critical machine.
See &sect;3.3.
@ -887,8 +913,29 @@ See &sect;3.3.
<h3> <a name="8.1"> 8.1. </a> Authority </h3>
The access interface is under CCS.
Additions to the team are approved by Board
The software interface gives features to Support personnel.
Access to the special features is under tight control.
Additions to the team are approved by Board,
and the software features are under CCS.
Support personnel do not have any inherent authority
to take any action,
and they have have to get authority on a case-by-case
The authority required in each case must be guided
by this policy or the Security Manual or other clear
applicable document.
If the Member's authority is not in doubt,
the Member can give that authority.
The Arbitrator's authority must be sought.
Support personnel are responsible to follow the
policies and practices.
<h3> <a name="8.2"> 8.2. </a> Responsibilities </h3>