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<h2 id="s2"> 2. The Nucleus Event </h2>
<p id="s2.1"><b> 2.1 </b>
A Nucleus event is a training and assurance event that brings many candidate
Assurers up to the level of Assurer in one day, by allocating
Assurers up to the level of Assurer in one event, by allocating
the Assurance Points that they would be able to allocate, in advance.
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<li>Proposed training programme.</li>
<p class="q">Note that this above clause does not give the AO the power to
stop or modify the activity. Such responsibility is left
entirely with the Senior Asssurer.
The policy should seek to be self-maintaining and efficiently
distributable, so putting the AO in as a blocking step would
not be appropriate to that goal. </p>
<p id="s2.4"><b> 2.4 </b>
On the day, a quorum of Assurers and candidates must be found
(as present and working).