Controlled Document List

Creation date: 20100127
Status: authorised under CCS

1 Introduction

The Configuration-Control Specification (CCS) mandates the creation and management of a list of all documents controlled for formal audit and policy purposes (CCS 2.1). This list is located at

This list is managed by the Policy Officer according to the Change provisions of CCS (CCS 2.2).

In this list, CAcert Official Document (or "COD") numbers are allocated, see 1st column below. The allocation of a COD number indicates the document is on POLICY track, and plays a part in the overall CCS framework.

2 List of Primary Documents

# Abbrev. Since Full Name Editor
Formal Location Comments

1 PoP m20070919.4 Policy On Policy Iang
covers all documents

2 CCS p20100426 Configuration-Control Specification Iang
location, index to audit

3 COD ... Documents Policy Sebastian
..... location, WIP only, should be dropped but COD3 is mentioned in CCA

4 NRP-DaL (withdrawn) Non-Related Persons -- Disclaimer and Licence
Originally approved in m20070918.1;
withdrawn in p20100710 archived location

5 PP m20060629 Privacy Policy

6 CPS p20090706 Certification Practice Statement
includes Certificate Policies

7 DRP m20070919.3 Dispute Resolution Policy Teus

8 SP p20100510 Security Policy Iang
location, back in DRAFT

9 CCA m20070918.4 CAcert Community Agreement
Agreement for Subscribers and Relying Parties ("RPA")

11 OAP m20070918.x Organisation Assurance Policy Jens Paul
See §3 for Subsidiary Policies under OAP. Decision not properly recorded in TOP minutes.

13 AP p20080712.1 Assurance Policy Teus
See §4 for Subsidiary Policies under AP.

14 RDL p20100710 Root Distribution License Mark Lipscombe

RDL is new Agreement for distribution of Root, now moving to DRAFT.
3pv-DaL has been withdrawn by p20100710.


  1. Since is earliest date and decision for binding status.
  2. COD10 was Policy on Foundations, dropped.
  3. COD12 was Brand and Styleguide, dropped.
  4. COD14 was originally 3pv-DaL but this was replaced with RDL.

3 List of Organisation Assurance Subsidiary Policies

#.tld Short Since Editor
Location Comments

11.DE Germany p20071022
location. Decision not recorded properly at TOP, then redone in policy group.

11.EU Europe p20080920
location. note, this is not the European Union, but Europe region.

11.AU Australia p20080402.1

4 List of Assurance Subsidiary Policies

#.# Short Since Full Name Editor
Location Comments

13.1 PoJAM p20100119 Policy on Junior Assurers / Members Iang
DRAFT, location
13.2 TTP-Assist p20100913 TTP-Assisted Assurance Policy Ulrich
DRAFT, location

Assurance Subsidiary Policies to come, WIP: