The Policy Group Hall of Fame

Policy Group has 97 contributors, with a total 488 acts of participation. Each act is a vote cast or a decision proposed.

Name# Acts AyeNayAbsRes

Iang34 **********************************116 17
Teus32 ********************************18 14
Philipp29 *****************************223 4
Ted20 ********************182
Uli19 *******************125 2
Lambert17 *****************1511
Tomáš14 **************131
Philipp G13 *************10111
Pieter13 *************112
Bernd13 *************84 1
Brian13 *************121
Faramir13 *************1021
Morten Gulbrandsen11 ***********911
Greg11 ***********11
Daniel11 ***********62 3
Jens Paul10 **********7 3
Guillaume9 *********81
Alexander9 *********8 1
Sam9 *********63
Martin8 ********71
MichaelTänzer7 *******6 1
Werner7 *******61
Robert Cruikshank6 ******6
hugi6 ******42
Law6 ******42
Andreas6 ******51
Nick Bebout6 ******6
Nathan Tuggy5 *****5
Alejandro Mery5 *****5
Mark Lipscombe4 ****31
Pete Stephenson4 ****31
Maurice4 ****4
Marcus Mängel4 ****4
Gero3 ***21
Michael Diederich3 ***3
Alex3 ***21
Hans Verbeek3 ***21
Sascha Thomas Spreitzer3 ***2 1
Benedikt3 ***3
Megan3 ***21
Dirk3 ***3
Nik3 ***21
Laura3 ***3
Jan3 ***3
Evaldo3 ***3
Fred Trotter3 ***21
Raoul3 ***3
ernie2 **2
Brian Henson2 **2
Dieter2 **2
Ron Pettigrew2 **2
Mathieu2 **2
Dirk2 **2
Marc2 **2
Kenneth van Wyk2 **2
Mario2 **11
Dominik2 **2
Markus2 **2
Guy Scharinger2 **2
Roberto2 **2
Joost2 **2
Reinhard2 **2
Carsten Scholvien2 **11
Hendrik Lehmbruch2 **2
KenSchumacher2 **2
Sebastian1 *1
Svenne1 *1
Peter1 *1
Asbjørn1 *1
Jason Curl1 *1
Sören Kornetzki1 *1
Wim1 *1
Jac Kersing1 *1
Sebastian Juerges1 *1
Andrew1 *1
Alexander B1 *1
Marek1 *1
John Moore III1 *1
Carlos Delmas Bayot1 *1
Piers1 *1
Etienne Ruedin1 *1
Mike J1 *1
João V1 *1
Wytze1 *1
Raymond1 *1
Gregory Engels1 *1
Juergen Bruckner1 *1
Heinz Hiekmann1 *1
Tom R1 *1
Barry1 *1
Frank1 *1
Peter Williams1 * 1
Sven Andriske1 *1
Thomas Kuehn1 *1
Kyle1 *1
Marty1 * 1
Rasika Dayarathna1 *1

Summary of Decisions

decisions issued by Policy Group

p20130116IangDRP - drop three references to Board.27s role in Appeal
p20121213BerndDRP - minor changes.2C excluding controversial issues
p20121113IangDRP - minor clarifications to parties.2C etc
p20111113MichaelTänzerCPS .237.1.2 .22Certificate Extensions.22 adjustments
p20110108IangDRP .233.4 Appeal handled by Arbitrators
p20101009IangChanges to CCA for RDL
p20100913UlrichTTP Assisted Assurance Subpolicy
p20100722IangLicense our Policies under CC-BY-SA-3.0-AU
p20100710IangLicense root under Root Distribution License
p20100627Sascha Thomas SpreitzerLicense root under CC-BY-ND
p20100624DanielCCA defining .22CAcert Services.22
p20100510IangSecurity Policy to DRAFT
p20100426IangCCS to DRAFT
p20100401IangVETO takes a policy to WIP Document
A20100327Remove Board background checks from DRAFT Security Policy -- VACATED
p20100326IangSecurity Policy to remain in DRAFT
p20100306IangPolicy Officer makes minor adjustments
p20100120AlexanderAssurance Policy: require government ID
p20100119UlrichPoJAM to DRAFT
p20100113DanielStop issuing class3 certificates
p20091108DanielCPS to drop assurer critieria and allow IDN certificates in specified TLD or single script character sets
p20091106IangCPS to be placed on the main website
p20090706PhilippCPS to DRAFT
p20090327PhilippSecurity Policy to DRAFT
p20090218.1TeusAdd Danish SVR trade office registrar to the OA sub-policy Europe table of accepted trade office registrars
p20090210.1TeusAdd Belgian KBO trade office registrar to the OA sub-policy Europe table of accepted trade office registrars
p20090105.2PhilippAssurance Policy status: POLICY
p20090105.1PhilippMethods to check Domain.2BAC8-Email Control and Ownership
p20081016TeusAll Information in Certificate is Verified
p20080920TeusOrganisation Assurance sub-policy for Europe voted to DRAFT
p20080917.1IangDrop wildcards for unassured Members
p20080917.2IangExpiry times on Certs
p20080712.1TeusAssurance Policy
p20080429.1TeusOrganisation Assurance Sub-Policy for Ireland
p20080402.1TeusOrganisation Assurance Sub-Policy for Australia
p20080401.1TeusPolicy on Organisation Assurance
p20080401.2TeusProposal to drop Date of Birth
p20080308.1Philipp GOrganisation Assurance sub-policy for Austria
p20080204.1IangPolicy On Policy
p20080128.1IangAssurers are individuals not organisations
p20080109.1TeusCCA to POLICY status
p20071217.1TeusMultiple Names
p20071107.1Jens PaulPrivacy
p20071207.1TeusOrganisation Assurance sub-policy for the Netherlands
p20071022TeusOrganisation Assurance sub-policy for Germany
p20070918.1Jens PaulPolicy on Organisation Assurance
p-XXX-20070918.2Jens PaulOrganisation Assurance sub-policy for Germany
m20060629Privacy Policy .28PP.29 .28COD5.29

This summary wiki-scraped from, the formal record of Policy Decisions of the Policy Group.