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Teus Hagen e138fff317 Init of OA sub-pol for USA. Created by Fred Trotter.
git-svn-id: 14b1bab8-4ef6-0310-b690-991c95c89dfd
16 years ago
OrganisationAssurance-SubPolAustria.html Added some style and admin elements consistent with other docs. 16 years ago
OrganisationAssurance-SubPolGermany.html Updated style elements. 16 years ago
OrganisationAssurancePolicy.html Some minor changes for layout, spelling and definitions. 16 years ago
OrganisationAssuranceSubPolicyAustralia.html sensible naming for OA sub-pols 16 years ago
OrganisationAssuranceSubPolicyEuropeanUnion-NL.html Added init of OA sub-pol for Sweden. Added info to EU central wip pol with info of Sweden. 16 years ago
OrganisationAssuranceSubPolicyIreland.html Font color typo adhusted. 16 years ago
OrganisationAssuranceSubPolicyNetherlands.html Moved Netherland WiP as preparation for EU countries to EuropeanUnion-NL. NL: tag can be deltede as soon as there is consensus on EU generalisation. 16 years ago
OrganisationAssuranceSubPolicyNorway.html tweaks 16 years ago
OrganisationAssuranceSubPolicySweden.html removed commercial provider 16 years ago
OrganisationAssuranceSubPolicyUnitedKingdom.html fixed nominet URL 16 years ago
OrganizationAssuranceSubPolicyUnitedStates.html Init of OA sub-pol for USA. Created by Fred Trotter. 16 years ago