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5 Commits (fix-email-address-maintenance-bug-1543)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Wytze van der Raay 217611ad71 Change FILE_OWNER to pootle in order to match the updated server. 6 years ago
Mendel Mobach 365a7272cf fix for
"hex2bin function"
10 years ago
Wytze van der Raay 291f6cb1d4 Fix for
"VBscript, Weak Keys script 4.php, 17.php to combine / select box key
 size and lower limit to 2048" (Codename: Blackjack)
11 years ago
Wytze van der Raay fe2eb54343 Fix for
HTML tags in translations are not escaped.
12 years ago
root 2679d75dfc Fix for
"Move from translingo to pootle"
12 years ago