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Wytze van der Raay 21ffacf9f2 Fixes for
CAcert Class1 root certificate needs to be reissued with
an updated CDP and a SHA-based signature.
See the message thread preserved in
for more information on the re-signed root certificates
installed and enabled by this commit.
5 years ago
Wytze van der Raay e2de6e8f7e Fix for
"Rename _all_ Policies from .php to .html and fix all links (was: Rename
PolicyOnPolicy.php to .html)"
9 years ago
Wytze van der Raay ab96a4ff04 Fix for
This change replaces the CAcert Class3 root certificate by a new version
which signed with SHA256.
13 years ago
root b3007006ab Added new files and new versions 15 years ago