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Wytze van der Raay 7fc452eb68 Fix for
"CommModule code requires a trivial change to run with Debian Wheezy"
10 years ago
.. Fix for 10 years ago
commdaemon Make client script append to rather than overwrite the nohup.out file. 15 years ago
commmodule Add proper startup/shutdown script for the CAcert CommModule processes. 15 years ago Increase retention period for CommModule logfiles to at least 2.5 years 15 years ago
readme.txt Add the code of the real script running on the signing server to 14 years ago
serial.conf Migrated from Serial Link to USB-Serial Link 15 years ago Fix for 11 years ago Combined fixes for 10 years ago

readme.txt	The real client, running on the webserver
commdaemon	Script to run or
commmodule	Script for startup/shutdown of CommModule from /etc/init.d	Maintenance script for logfiles generated by CommModule
serial.conf     Serial Port configuration file	The real server, running on the signing server	Obsoleted USB version of above