The main CAcert website code. This repository started as a conversion of the CVS repository from
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Wytze van der Raay 9240496af8 Fixes for
CAcert Class1 root certificate needs to be reissued with
an updated CDP and a SHA-based signature.
See the message thread preserved in
for more information on the re-signed root certificates
installed and enabled by this commit.
5 years ago
CommModule Switch to xz compression (instead of bz2) to reduce the size of the huge CommModule logfiles. 6 years ago
cgi-bin Changed license to GPLv2 16 years ago
includes Emergency fix for 5 years ago
locale Change FILE_OWNER to pootle in order to match the updated server. 6 years ago
pages Fixes for 5 years ago
scripts Add mailing scripts for ATE at Nykobing F, Denmark in September 2015. 9 years ago
stamp Combined fixes for 10 years ago
tmp Fix for : 13 years ago
tverify 15 years ago
www Fixes for 5 years ago
.gitignore Fix for 13 years ago
LICENSE Changed license to GPLv2 16 years ago
README Fix for 13 years ago


LibreSSL Documentation

(c) 2005-2008 by CAcert Inc.
License: GNU-GPLv2

System Requirements:
UFPDF - PDF generation library from
OpenSSL - X.509 toolkit from
openssl-vulnkey including blacklists for all common key sizes
GnuPG - OpenPGP toolkit from
whois - whois client from
XEnroll - Enrollment Active-X control for IE5/6 from Microsoft (search for
CommModule - CAcert Communication Module