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Installation procedure for CATS
11 years ago
Note that the version numbers are for the versions used to verify the procedure.
There are no explicit version dependencies, so the software should run with newer versions,
and will probably also support (moderately) older ones.
- Apache 2.2.4 is installed and configured to run with HTTPS. The CAcert roots should
be trusted.
- PHP 5.2.4
- MySQL (Version 5.0) is installed and running
11 years ago
- git (version is installed and has access to
- You have a browser with a valid CAcert client certificate installed
- You may want to set up your own CAcert testsystem like described in
to play around with certificates more freely
- Get CATS from github into your webserver's document directory (or any subdir):
git clone
- Checkout your favourite branch, for example "git checkout release" for the installed productive version
or "git checkout testserver" to get a mirror of the testserver.
- Connect to your MySQL server with an administrative user and create a database for CATS:
- Create a user for CATS to access the database:
CREATE USER cats-user IDENTIFIED BY '<a password>';
- Grant the necessary user rights. These are a bit more than the absolute minimum:
11 years ago
- Change the database context to the newly created cats_db:
USE cats_db;
11 years ago
- Execute the scripts from the database subdirectory to create the database structure:
SOURCE create_db.sql;
11 years ago
- Check the current version of the database:
SELECT MAX(version) FROM schema_version;
- Execute all update*.sql in numerical order which have a number bigger than the current
schema version. If the select statement returns an error (ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table
'cats_db.schema_version' doesn't exist) execute all of them.
11 years ago
SOURCE update1.sql;
- You will probably want to load a sample test by executing sample_test.sql from the
database directory:
SOURCE sample_test.sql;
- Change to cats directory, copy index.php.template to index.php
- Edit index.php, replace the string "FILEPATHTOHERE" with the absolute path of the
cats directory. Make sure to finish with a slash.
- Change to the includes subdirectory
- Copy to
- Edit
- Make sure that the directive "SSLVerifyClient optional" or "SSLVerifyClient require"
are active for the CATS web directory, otherwise no client certificate login is requested
from your browser
Create an administrative user
- Open your browser and browse to your CATS web directory using https.
- Click "Login" and accept registering with "Yes"
- Connect to your mysql database
- Set the admin flag on all existing users (should be only one):