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Jan Dittberner c607cdae94 Update linter, remove copyright years
Git has all history information, copyright years don't provide useful additional information.
1 month ago
Jan Dittberner 7ec9e393e0 Add separate protected resource page
This commit adds a separate protected resource page to demonstrate how
to selectively require logins.

Add code to improve client performance by providing modification timestamps
and Cache-Control headers for embedded static files.
11 months ago
Jan Dittberner 9ad06a2935 Improve token handling
- add identity information to the index page
- let the session expire when the token expires
11 months ago
Jan Dittberner 25b101afae Modernize demo application
- add linter config and fix golangci-lint warnings
- rename module to match new repository location
- use embedded resources for static assets, templates and translations
- recommend mkcert in README
- require at least Go 1.19
- update and tidy dependencies
- update copyright information
- improve Makefile, add lint and static asset targets
11 months ago