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Jan Dittberner 1e676e8cf1 Switch logging to slog
This commit replaces logrus with slog from the Go standard library.
2 months ago
Jan Dittberner f3dc4d71d1 Update dependencies 2 months ago
Jan Dittberner 44e18ca3a5 Implement consent management
The primary change in this commit is the introduction of consent management.

A few minor improvements have been made:

- move common header to ui/templates/base.gohtml
- add an I18NService to unify localization
- add a handlers.getLocalizer function
- fix translation extraction and merging in Makefile
- add a new AuthMiddleware to centralize client certificate authentication
- move client certificate handling to internal/handlers/security.go
- improver error handling, allow localization of HTTP error messages
11 months ago
Jan Dittberner 679dcb27ce Adapt to Hydra 2.x
- use new SDK package
- add session to transport user information from login to consent
12 months ago
Jan Dittberner ef05d12fbb Update dependencies 12 months ago
Jan Dittberner 16a3dbedc8 Small IDP refactoring
- move internal code to internal directory
- add translations for texts on missing email in client certificate page
- add error handling for missing login_challenge request parameter
- add Markdown support via goldmark
- use https:// URLs in Apache license headers
1 year ago
Jan Dittberner bda6cf39c3 Update dependencies
- update to Go 1.19
- update dependencies in go.mod/go.sum
1 year ago
Jan Dittberner 88bfe0a5df Initial IDP version
- copied/stripped down from
3 years ago