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SUBDIRS = cacert_resources oidc_app oidc_idp oidc_registration
GO_VERSION = 1.20.7
export PATH:=$(CURDIR)/tmp/go/bin:$(PATH)
all: cacert_resources oidc_app/demo-app oidc_idp/cacert-idp
mkdir -p tmp ; cd tmp ; \
curl -L -O$(GO_VERSION).linux-amd64.tar.gz ; \
install_go: $(CURDIR)/tmp/go$(GO_VERSION).linux-amd64.tar.gz
tar x -C $(CURDIR)/tmp -f $(CURDIR)/tmp/go$(GO_VERSION).linux-amd64.tar.gz
go version
go env
sudo apt install yarnpkg
cacert_resources: install_yarn force_look
echo building UI resources : $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS)
cd cacert_resources ; $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS)
oidc_app/demo-app: cacert_resources install_go force_look
echo building demo app : $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS)
cd oidc_app ; $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS)
oidc_idp/cacert-idp: cacert_resources install_go force_look
echo building CAcert IDP : $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS)
cd oidc_idp ; $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS)
echo cleaning up in .
-for d in $(SUBDIRS) ; do ( cd $$d; $(MAKE) clean ); done
.PHONY: all clean install_go install_yarn