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@ -68,4 +68,14 @@ socat -d -d -v pty,rawer,link=$(pwd)/testPty EXEC:./clientsim,pty,rawer
You will need to configure `$(pwd)/testPty` as `serial`/`device` in your `config.yaml` to let the signer command find
the emulated serial device.
the emulated serial device.
## Using socat to simulate TTYs for signer and signer client
The following `socat` command line will open TTY pseudo devices in `./testPty` as well as
`../cacert-gosignerclient/testPty`. This will allow both the signer and the signer client code to have
`testPty` as `device` value in their configuration YAML file.
socat -d -d pty,rawer,link=$(pwd)/testPty pty,rawer,link=$(pwd)/../cacert-gosignerclient/testPty