New signer implementation in Go
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Jan Dittberner f0d456dd13 Protocol improvements
- add a client generated command ID for tracing commands and responses
- define protocol delimiter in protocol.CobsDelimiter
- apply code simplifications suggested by golangci-lint
- add Makefile
- add compile time build information for signer binary
- make sure that dependencies for msgpackgen survive go mod tidy
- extract MsgPackHandler into its own file
- add CRL number to fetch CRL response
- remove port.Flush() to avoid removing written data before it reaches the
2 years ago
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Running with softhsm2

Setup HSM keys and certificates

sudo apt install softhsm2
umask 077
mkdir -p ~/.config/softhsm2/tokens
echo "directories.tokendir = $HOME/.config/softhsm2/tokens/" > ~/.config/softhsm2/softhsm2.conf
cp docs/config.sample.yaml config.yaml
# modify config.yaml to fit your needs
softhsm2-util --init-token --free --label localhsm --so-pin 47110815 --pin 123456
# initialize the keys
export PKCS11_PIN_LOCALHSM=123456
go run ./cmd/signer -setup

Run the signer

export PKCS11_PIN_LOCALHSM=123456
go run ./cmd/signer

Run the client simulator with socat

You may run the client simulator that sends commands via stdout and reads responses on stdin via socat to simulate traffic on an emulated serial device:

sudo apt install socat
go build ./cmd/clientsim
socat -d -d -v pty,rawer,link=$(pwd)/testPty EXEC:./clientsim,pty,rawer

You will need to configure $(pwd)/testPty as serial/device in your config.yaml to let the signer command find the emulated serial device.