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Jan Dittberner f3c0e1379f Improve robustness and concurrency handling
- Rename client.CertInfo to CACertificateInfo
- declare commands channel inside client.Run, there is no need to inject it
  from the outside
- let command generating code in client.commandLoop run in goroutines to
  allow parallel handling of queued commands and avoid blocking operations
- pass context to command generating functions to allow cancellation
- guard access to c.knownCACertificates by mutex.Lock and mutex.Unlock
- make command channel capacity configurable
- update to latest cacert-gosigner dependency for channel direction support
- improve handling of closed input channel
- reduce client initialization to serial connection setup, move callback and
  handler parameters to client.Run invocation
1 year ago
main.go Improve robustness and concurrency handling 1 year ago