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Jan Dittberner a960a60ecd Improve example CA setup
The example CA now has more realistic 2 levels with a root CA and a sub CA.

Setup script and ca.cnf has been changed to create a root CA and a sub CA
that is signed by the root CA. The sub CA is used for signing the end entity
certificates. Example CA directory has been changed to example_ca for better
4 years ago
Jan Dittberner e13c9d174b Implement i18n support
This commit adds internationalization support and a german translation.
4 years ago
Jan Dittberner 5c3f0ea942 Add signer backend
This commit adds a simple go backend calling openssl ca to sign CRS
coming from the client. The JavaScript code in src/index.html has been
extended to send requests to the sign endpoint and display the resulting
certificate in a separate div element.

A script setup_example_ca.sh and an openssl configuration file ca.cnf
has been added to allow quick setup of a simple example CA.
4 years ago
Jan Dittberner 564c1bd76b Add initial implementation
This commit implements a basic static HTML page that uses Bootstrap 4
for layout and node-forge to generate a RSA key pair and a certificate
signing request. The subject of the CSR and the key size can be chosen
by the user.

The implementation uses gulp to collect static assets and to allow
bootstrap customization.
4 years ago