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CSRButtonLabel = "Generate signing request"
CSRGenTitle = "CSR generation in browser"
"JavaScript.KeyGen.Generated" = "key generated in __seconds__ seconds"
"JavaScript.KeyGen.Running" = "key generation running for __seconds__ seconds"
"JavaScript.KeyGen.Started" = "started key generation"
NameHelpText = "Please input your name as it should be added to your certificate"
NameLabel = "Your name"
PasswordLabel = "Password for your client certificate"
RSA2048Label = "2048 Bit (not recommended)"
RSA3072Label = "3072 Bit"
RSA4096Label = "4096 Bit"
RSAHelpText = "An RSA key pair will be generated in your browser. Longer key sizes provide better security but take longer to generate."
RSAKeySizeLabel = "RSA Key Size"
SendCSRButtonLabel = "Send signing request"
StatusLoading = "Loading ..."