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@ -353,11 +353,6 @@ Dispute Resolution Policy
Software suppliers who integrate the root certificates of CAcert
into their software also assume a proxy role of Relying Parties,
and are subject to another licence.
<span class="q">
At the time of writing, the
"3rd Party Vendor - Disclaimer and Licence"
is being worked upon, but is neither approved nor offered.
@ -610,7 +605,7 @@ and messy process in order to get manufactured certificates.
<b>Psuedonymous Certificates.</b>
<b>Pseudonymous Certificates.</b>
Note that CAcert does not currently issue pseudonymous certificates,
being those with a name chosen by the Member and not verifiable
according to documents.
@ -625,7 +620,7 @@ certificates.
<b> Roots.</b>
The <span class="q"> (new) </span> CAcert root layout is as below.
These roots are pending Audit,
and will be submitted to vendors via the (Top-level) Root.