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<title> CAcert Community Agreement </title>
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<li>Iang <span class="change">20101002</span>: Added the policy block and heading. That which is in the document is below the line. </li>
<li>Iang <span class="change">20101002</span>: Re-org of section 4.2 to better reflect current times. </li>
<li>Iang <span class="change">20101002</span>: added links to references policies. Note that the final link will <u><b>CHANGE</b></u> for WWW.cacert.org </li>
<li>Morten <span class="change">20100930</span>: RDL should distro certs not roots. Change is underlined as already in a change. </li>
<li>Iang <span class="change">20100929</span>: cleanup, minor fixes and some questions posed. </li>
<li>Iang <span class="change">20100830</span>: made clearer inclusion of certificate chain </li>
<li>Iang <span class="change">20100716</span>: fixed up to deal with RDL and dropping of NRP-DaL. Plus minor format changes, and to XHTML</li>
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Name: CCA <a style="color: steelblue" href="https://svn.cacert.org/CAcert/Policies/ControlledDocumentList.html">COD9</a><br />
Status: POLICY <a style="color: steelblue" href="https://wiki.cacert.org/PolicyDecisions#p20080109">p20080109</a><br />
-------- with WIP <a style="color: steelblue" href="https://wiki.cacert.org/PolicyDecisions#p201010xx">p201010xx</a> in BLUE <br />
Editor: Iang<br />
<td valign="top" align="right">
<a href="//www.cacert.org/policy/PolicyOnPolicy.php"><img src="images/cacert-policy.png" alt="CCA Status - POLICY" height="31" width="88" style="border-style: none;" /></a>
<!-- XXXXXXXXXXXXXX delete this going to DRAFT -->
<br />
<a href="//www.cacert.org/policy/PolicyOnPolicy.php"><img src="images/cacert-wip.png" alt="CCA Status - WIP" height="31" width="88" style="border-style: none;" /></a>
<h2> CAcert Community Agreement </h2>
<h3 id="s0"> 0. Introduction </h3>
@ -112,7 +141,7 @@ being an operator of services to the Community.
Community. <br />
<span class="change">
"Root Distribution Licence" ("RDL"), an agreement for licensing the distribution of roots.
"<a href="//www.cacert.org/policy/RootDistributionLicence.php">Root Distribution Licence</a>" ("RDL"), an agreement for licensing the distribution of root <u class="change">certificates</u>.
RDL replaces an earlier withdrawn licence (NRP-DaL).
@ -120,7 +149,7 @@ being an operator of services to the Community.
is the Community's forum for
resolving disputes, or jurisdiction.
"Dispute Resolution Policy" ("DRP" => COD7)
"<a href="//www.cacert.org/policy/DisputeResolutionPolicy.php">Dispute Resolution Policy</a>" ("DRP" => COD7)
is the policy and
rules for resolving disputes.
@ -158,14 +187,14 @@ being an operator of services to the Community.
used for signing certificates for Members.
In this document, the term includes any subroots.
"CAcert Official Document" ("COD" <span class="strike"> => COD3 </span>)
"<a href="//svn.cacert.org/CAcert/Policies/ControlledDocumentList.html">CAcert Official Document</a>" ("COD" <span class="strike"> => COD3 </span>)
<span class="strike">in</span> <span class="change">is</span> a standard format for describing the details of
operation and governance essential to a certificate authority.
Changes are managed and controlled.
CODs define more technical terms.
See 4.2 for listing of relevant CODs.
"Certification Practice Statement" ("CPS" => COD6)
"<a href="//www.cacert.org/policy/CertificationPracticeStatement.php">Certification Practice Statement</a>" ("CPS" => COD6)
is the document that controls details
about operational matters within CAcert.
</li><li class="change">
@ -441,7 +470,7 @@ However, some information will continue to
be held for certificate processing purposes.
<ul class="q"><li> Consider a change to the termination clause to make Support's job more easy?</li></ul>
<ul class="q"><li> Consider a change to the termination clause to make Arbitration + Support's job more easy?</li></ul>
The provisions on Arbitration survive any termination
@ -512,37 +541,57 @@ policy process as this agreement, and they should
mirror and reinforce these terms.
<ul class="q"><li> This clause was found to be badly written in the recent debate on CAcert Inc contracts. Clarify?</li></ul>
<ul class="q">
<li> This clause was found to generate confusion in the recent debate on CAcert Inc contracts.</li>
<li> The intention was to create a space for a future 3rd-party-vendor's licence to distribute the roots, and to ensure a sense of equality with Members.</li>
<li> It was not intended to cover all contracts formed by (for example) the Board.</li>
<li> Since then, the RDL has been approved to DRAFT, and this clause may need re-writing.</li>
<li> Clarify?</li>
<h4 id="s4.2"> 4.2 References and Other Binding Documents </h4>
<p class="strike">
This agreement is CAcert Official Document 9 (COD9)
and is a controlled document.
<span class="q">moved down.</span>
You are also bound by
<span class="change">the Policies of the Community,
of which the principle ones effecting Members are:</span>
<a href="http://svn.cacert.org/CAcert/policy.htm">
<a href="//www.cacert.org/policy/CertificationPracticeStatement.php">
Certification Practice Statement</a> (CPS => COD6).
<a href="http://www.cacert.org/policy/DisputeResolutionPolicy.php">
<a href="//www.cacert.org/policy/DisputeResolutionPolicy.php">
Dispute Resolution Policy</a> (DRP => COD7).
<a href="http://www.cacert.org/index.php?id=10">
Privacy Policy</a> (PP => COD5).
<span class="change"> ADDED
<a href="//www.cacert.org/policy/AssurancePolicy.php">
Assurance Policy</a> (DRP => COD7).
<a href="http://svn.cacert.org/CAcert/principles.html">
Principles of the Community</a>.
Where documents are referred to as <i>=> COD x</i>,
they are controlled documents
under the control of Policy on Policies (COD1).
they are
<span class="change">documents under the control of
<a href="//www.cacert.org/policy/PolicyOnPolicies.php">Policy on Policies</a> ("PoP" => COD1)
and listed in <a href="//svn.cacert.org/CAcert/Policies/ControlledDocumentList.html">Controlled Document List</a>.</span>
<span class="strike">controlled documents under
Policy on Policies (COD1).</span>
<span class="change">
This agreement is COD9 <span class="strike">CAcert Official Document 9 (COD9)</span>
and is a controlled document.</span>
@ -562,7 +611,7 @@ the English documents are the ruling ones.
You are encouraged to be familiar with the
Assurer Handbook,
<a href="//wiki.cacert.org/AssuranceHandbook2"><span class="change">Assurance</span> <span class="strike">Assurer</span> Handbook</a>,
which provides a more readable introduction for much of
the information needed.
The Handbook is not however an agreement, and is overruled