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<title>Policy on Policy</title>
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<br><b>WARNING:</b><br />
The proper policy document is located<br />
<a href="//www.cacert.org/policy/PolicyOnPolicy.php">
on the CAcert website </a>.<br />
</big></b />
This document is a <b>working draft</b> to include<br />
future revisions only, and is currently<br />
only relevant for the [policy] group.<br />
Suggested <span class="change">additions in BLUE</span>, <span class="strike">strikes in blue<span>.<br />
Iang <span class="change">20100507</span>: fixed two errors being cacert-policy and 1.3 terminology.<br />
Iang <span class="change">20100507</span>: incorporated suggestions from CCS - 2.3, 5.4, 6.5<br />
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<td> POLICY&nbsp;<a href="http://wiki.cacert.org/wiki/PolicyDecisions">p200800204.1</a> </td>
<td> POLICY&nbsp;<a href="//wiki.cacert.org/wiki/PolicyDecisions">p200800204.1</a> </td>
<td> </td>
20080309<span class="change">, 20100507</span>
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Policy on Policy adopts the IETF model of
'rough consensus' to create CAcert documents
within the open [policy] mail list forum.
within the open [<span class="change">cacert-</span>policy] mail list forum.
@ -64,7 +114,9 @@ and also documents part of the CCS.
The policies so created are generally binding on
CAcert, registered users and related parties.
<span class="strike">CAcert, registered users and related parties</span>
<span class="change">CAcert Inc., members under CAcert Community Agreement
(CCA => COD9) and other related parties under other agreements</span>.
@ -72,7 +124,7 @@ CAcert, registered users and related parties.
The Policy Officer manages all policies
and the policy group.
The policy group is formed on the open mailing list
known as [policy], and is to be open to all
known as [<span class="change">cacert-</span>policy], and is to be open to all
Community Members of CAcert.
@ -109,6 +161,14 @@ date / time of the last edit,
<p class="change">
Documents of lower status (work-in-progress or DRAFT)
must not be confusable with documents of higher status
Copies should be eliminated where not being worked on.
<h2> 3. Work-In-Progress </h2>
@ -204,6 +264,15 @@ they may be included in the POLICY document,
but must be clearly indicated within as DRAFT not POLICY.
<p class="change">
POLICY documents must be published on the CAcert website
in plain HTML format,
under the same change control as critical source code under
<a href="//svn.cacert.org/CAcert/Policies/SecurityPolicy.html">Security Policy</a>
SP => COD8.
<h2> 6. Open Process </h2>
@ -250,6 +319,7 @@ and clear licence by CAcert, Inc.
Mailing lists should be archived,
and important meetings should be minuted.
<span class="change">Policy Officer is to maintain a record of decisions.</span>
<h2> 7. Disputes. </h2>
@ -278,7 +348,7 @@ to further group discussion.
The external avenue for disputes is to file a dispute
according to CAcert's
<a href="http://www.cacert.org/policy/DisputeResolutionPolicy.php">
<a href="//www.cacert.org/policy/DisputeResolutionPolicy.php">
Dispute Resolution Policy</a>
DRP => COD7.