following suggestions, reduced the PoP parts and entered them into PoP as a suggested WIP

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@ -100,17 +100,27 @@ CCS may be seen as the index to systems audit under DRC.
<h4 id="s2.1">2.1 Controlled Document List </h4>
This CCS creates a list of Primary or "root" documents known as Policies.
This CCS creates a
<span class="strike">list</span>
<span class="change">Controlled Document List (CDL)</span>
of Primary or "root" documents known as Policies.
Primary documents may authorise other secondary documents
into the list, or "practices" outside the list.
into the CDL, or "practices" outside the list.
The controlled documents list
contains numbers, locations and versions of all controlled documents.
The Controlled Document List
contains numbers, locations and
<span class="strike">versions</span>
<span class="change">status</span>
of all controlled documents.
The list is part of this CCS.
<p class="strike">
The list is part of this CCS, and is located at
<a href="//"></a></a>.
Policy Officer is to manage the list.
Policy Officer is to log the changes at
<a href="//">
@ -122,13 +132,15 @@</a>.
Change to the documents is as specified by
Change to the documents
<span class="change"></span> is as specified by
Policy on Policy (PoP).
<span class="change">Policy Officer is to manage the CDL.</span>
<p class="q"> The following would possibly be better off in PoP (when a change cycle comes around), or a practices manual. </p>
<p class="q"> The following is now found in a WIP set of changes to PoP. </p>
<p class="strike">
Policies in effect (DRAFT and POLICY status) are to be under change control.
Fully approved documents (POLICY status)
are published on the CAcert website at