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@ -34,6 +34,10 @@ th {
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font-weight: bold;
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@ -78,7 +82,14 @@ is derivative and is ruled by the CCS.
CCS is formated, inspired and designed to meet the needs of
<span class="change">
David Ross Criteria -
<a href="">Certificate Authority Review Checklist</a>
- section A.1
<span class="change">)</span>.
CCS may be seen as the index to systems audit under DRC.
@ -162,7 +173,13 @@ Critical systems are defined by Security Policy.
<h4 id="s3.3">3.3 Control </h4>
<p class="change">
Security Policy places executive responsibility for Hardware with the Board of CAcert Inc.
Access is delegated to Access Engineers (SP 2) and Systems Administrators (SP 3).
Legal ownership may be delegated by agreement to other organisations (SP 9.4).
<p class="strike">
Control of Hardware is the ultimate responsibility of the Board of CAcert Inc.
The responsibility for acts with hardware is delegated
to Access Engineers and Systems Administrators as per