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38 Commits (fix-email-address-maintenance-bug-1543)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Wytze van der Raay 4f70392a23 Fix for
"Replace all backtick operators with calls to runCommand() or shell_exec()"
10 years ago
Wytze van der Raay 0ea8880f4f Fix for
"Middle Initial Matching for uid on GPG identities"
10 years ago
Mendel Mobach 365a7272cf fix for
"hex2bin function"
10 years ago
Wytze van der Raay 82b3c5f6a9 Fix for
"arbitrary code injection"
11 years ago
Wytze van der Raay 3dfac78f84 Jumbo patch for the following issues:
    Extend Delete account feature for support
    Add the Check CCA acception to all certificate creation processes
    Extend SE console with the functionality to revoke all user certificates of an user account
    Record the CCA acception for entering an assurance
    Combine, and temp-function.php
11 years ago
Wytze van der Raay 715d1d7184 Fix for
"arbitrary code injection"
and for
"uses configuration files from world-writable directory"
11 years ago
root 47d3b2b0a2 Fix for
Add "notes" field to certificate information.
11 years ago
Philipp Dunkel 6b19264ae0 14 years ago
Philipp Dunkel 674044a525 14 years ago
Philipp Dunkel b6652020cf 14 years ago
Philipp Dunkel c5e2688841 Fixed a remaining generatecertpath issue 15 years ago
Philipp Dunkel e0cf962275 Refactored code for generatecertpath function, removed old code 15 years ago
Philipp Dunkel 396f6a5f5c Fixed gettext 15 years ago
root 78b025d4a9 Reactivated OpenPGP Signing 15 years ago
root 3bd97b883a Escaping unfortunately does not work here 15 years ago
root 6969166ae8 15 years ago
root d22896c8b9 Fixed typo 15 years ago
root d6a6c58d50 Initialized the variable 15 years ago
root d27a2d0521 *** empty log message *** 15 years ago
root a51fc6ba74 Added additional protection 16 years ago
root 76ae80535c Changed parameter handover 16 years ago
root 3e6113af2d Improved register_globals 16 years ago
root 64eed063d6 Improved register_globals 16 years ago
root 72aa45202a Fixed a bug that the unsigned email addresses have been shown as the email addresses of the signed keys 16 years ago
root afccfceb56 Changed license to GPLv2 16 years ago
root 8ec3d9eeb5 Added a filter against multiple email addresses per UID 17 years ago
root c5e7a94b75 Fixed a few minor bugs, improved revoked UID handling, but still needs some work 17 years ago
root be5fbc34ff Fixed a few bugs 17 years ago
root 0871ec4cf5 Fixed Security Issue #447
Added a reporttable, for better usability.
17 years ago
root 40198569f8 Improved GnuPG Handling, --export-minimal 17 years ago
root 226a9961e5 Update for new CommModule 17 years ago
root 7cfe344b2c bug #147 18 years ago
root 7f48f75874 bug fixes 18 years ago
root 3af71ece2a security fixes 18 years ago
root 029a3b9f89 update 18 years ago
root 06ba89b6d2 update, gpg changes etc 19 years ago
root 9641afae8b update 20 years ago
root 2e0fce259e some gpg code added + bug fixes etc 20 years ago