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CAcert signer client

This is the CAcert signer client implementation that sends commands to the signer and handles certificate revocation lists (CRLs), OpenPGP public key signatures and X.509 certificates.

Development preconditions

You will need GNU make to build the application. On Debian systems you can install GNU make using:

sudo apt install make

Install go >= 1.19, golangci-lint >= 1.50.0 and goreleaser, as these are used for building and linting the application.

Read the documentation of these tools, to find out how to use them.

Building the binary

There is a Makefile to build the signerclient binary. Run


to run linting, tests and binary builds.

Running the signer client

The signer client requires a YAML configuration file to know some information about its runtime environment. The default configuration file name is config.yaml in the working directory.

Generating a configuration file

Example configuration data is generated when the client is run with the -generate-config command line argument:

./signerclient -generate-config

Start the client

With config.yaml in the current directory you can start the client:


Supported command line arguments

To get a list of supported command line arguments run:

./signerclient -help