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23 Commits (fix-email-address-maintenance-bug-1543)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Wytze van der Raay 843bbeb8c0 Combined fixes for
  "Add a web page indicating the certificate request is still pending"
  "Implement to log the SE activity"
  "Inconsistency in Assurance Management"
10 years ago
Wytze van der Raay da844cf236 Fix for
""certifictate" is spelt incorrectly"
11 years ago
Wytze van der Raay 3dfac78f84 Jumbo patch for the following issues:
    Extend Delete account feature for support
    Add the Check CCA acception to all certificate creation processes
    Extend SE console with the functionality to revoke all user certificates of an user account
    Record the CCA acception for entering an assurance
    Combine, and temp-function.php
11 years ago
root 47d3b2b0a2 Fix for
Add "notes" field to certificate information.
11 years ago
root 4252e5bd13 OpenPGP 15 years ago
root dc03e1d517 15 years ago
root 88afbe8b1d Improved parameter checking 16 years ago
root 41bba82d32 Improved register_globals, improved HTML compliance 16 years ago
root e06fd6069d Improved register_globals 16 years ago
root f88f50a93c Fixed OpenPGP naming 16 years ago
root afccfceb56 Changed license to GPLv2 16 years ago
root 939a4c556a Added a second hyperlink to make it possible to click on keys with an empty email address 17 years ago
root 3ac0f6dcc9 Displaying of Key ID 17 years ago
root bbe45b05fe XSS fixes 18 years ago
root a90622fe89 #344 18 years ago
root 60cb4ab5e5 bug #175 18 years ago
root 589b2191f7 commiting changes 18 years ago
root 470031bed9 updates/bug fixes 18 years ago
root 029a3b9f89 update 18 years ago
root bb7b042f57 updates 19 years ago
root 06ba89b6d2 update, gpg changes etc 19 years ago
root 46cc73c3ca bug fixes + translation updates + new translations 20 years ago
root 9641afae8b update 20 years ago