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Wytze van der Raay 924e6b0337 Intermediate patch for
"CAcert ignores signature algorithm from csr".

This patch introduces the UI for our members to choose which signature
algorithm they want their certificates signed with. Among the choices
are SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512. Further choices may be included as our
signer and web frontend permit.
10 years ago
Wytze van der Raay 81932bfd0a Combined fixes for
  "Add a web page indicating the certificate request is still pending"
  "Implement to log the SE activity"
  "Inconsistency in Assurance Management"
10 years ago
Wytze van der Raay b57d4d8b17 Fix for
Improve readability of "Assure someone" page.
11 years ago
Wytze van der Raay a5c21831f9 Fix for
"Automatic CAcert's root certificate install on Windows via Internet Explorer"
11 years ago
Wytze van der Raay ac71b58807 Fix for
"contact form does not signal whether filed request is senstive or open"
12 years ago
Philipp Dunkel d74d29313e 15 years ago
Philipp Dunkel 52519a95c9 Fixed H3 Pointers Issue
Improved News style
15 years ago
root 9daa6468d6 New CSS for Newsbox 16 years ago
root 30838db1ec Added styles for sponsoring pane, ... 17 years ago
root 881a30a855 bug #31 18 years ago
root 2268fe6374 bug #31 18 years ago
root bb7b042f57 updates 19 years ago
root 40a0cc9ebd updates + added api 19 years ago
root 981b435339 more features + updates 20 years ago
root 9641afae8b update 20 years ago
root ad4325772f *** empty log message *** 20 years ago