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root 595e2cf713 Not publishing the onestat config file anymore 16 years ago
api Slightly improved 17 years ago
cats Added CATS import interface 17 years ago
certs Added txt versions of the root certificates 18 years ago
docs updates lang+bug fixes 19 years ago
iistutorial update 20 years ago
images *** empty log message *** 20 years ago
logos add files 19 years ago
policy Added PoP 16 years ago
siteimages *** empty log message *** 20 years ago
styles New CSS for Newsbox 16 years ago
tverify Added the receiver script for the SecurityLayer 17 years ago
.htaccess bug fixes 20 years ago
ac.js updates 19 years ago
ac.php bug #166 18 years ago
account.php moved special files out of webroot 18 years ago
advertising.php Advertising Code 18 years ago
analyse.php XSS fixes 18 years ago
cap.php Updated logo, Added ?bw=1 option for black/white 16 years ago
cps.php *** empty log message *** 17 years ago
disputes.php bug #146 18 years ago
error403.php Added missing error403.php 18 years ago
error404.php *** empty log message *** 20 years ago
gpg.php Added a filter against multiple email addresses per UID 17 years ago
help.php language updates 20 years ago
index.php Added a feature to disable certificate-login for selected client certificates 17 years ago
logos.php Added better alt attributes for improved usability 17 years ago
news.php updates lang+bug fixes 19 years ago
rss.php Removed RSSCache due to massive advertising 18 years ago
sealgen.php removed hard path configs 20 years ago
sqldump.php Removed access restrictions to sqldump.php 17 years ago
src-lic.php register_globals transition 17 years ago
stats.php updates 19 years ago
ttp.php Updated logo 16 years ago
verify.php bug #56 18 years ago
wot.php Removed the board requirement for TTP 16 years ago